3 Card Casino Solitaire

Play 3 Card Solitaire Online

Solitaire players are dividend as to what is the best game to play: 3 Card Solitaire of 1 Card Draw also known as known as Patience or Klondike Solitaire. Is the chance of finishing a game of 3 Card Solitaire bigger or smaller as opposed to Klondike Solitaire or Patience? Especially when playing these games in an online casino it can be interesting to find out the best game to play.

The biggest differences between playing 1 card Solitaire (Klondike Solitaire or Patience) in an online casino and 3 Card Solitaire are:

  • The number of passes through the stockpile
  • The number of cards drawn

Is the chance of finishing a game of 3 Card Solitaire bigger or smaller as opposed to Klondike Solitaire or Patience? Especially when playing these games in an online casino it can be interesting to find out the best game to play. I found an interesting website that has shed some light on this: ‘Bill’s Solitaire Tester’.

The simulator follows the rules and options that are built in to the Windows Solitaire game, after which 10million game rounds have been played for each option.

3 Card Solitaire, Play 3 times around the deck.

Please note that this is similar as the 3 Card Solitaire casino game which is provided by NeoGames. Although the Solitaire Tester is based on Microsoft Solitaire and not on playing 3 Card Casino Solitaire, the outcome can be an indication of what to expect.

  • The Solitaire Tester has calculated that 8.7% or 1 in 11.5 games can be finished, so if you play a casino patience tournament and the person winning has 5 more finished games then you have…. Expect to sit down for another 50 games or 2,5 hours if a game takes 3 minutes!
  • The expected return to player is 98,8% should the games have been played for teal money, as a casino game this is comparable with table games such as Black Jack, Roulette or Baccarat.
  • No Aces appeared at all in about 1 in 25 games, meaning if you play for real money you end up without a result in about 4% of your casino games.

The chances of an extremely bad start with 3 Card Solitaire are 4%!

  • Another scenario which you wouldn’t like to see happening when you play 3 Card Solitaire in an online casino is a tableau with only red or black cards. The chance of this happening is about 0.4%, very slim, I think the online casino should give you some sort of bonus if you start your game like this J
  • Absolutely no moves can be made in about 0.2% of the games, meaning you are not being able to move a single card during the whole game.
  • No moves on the first deal is also an undesirable situation if you play in a casino and get paid by the amount of Solitaire cards you move into the foundation stacks. The chance that this happens playing 3 Card Solitaire is 5.8%.

Should you not play 3 Card Solitaire in an online casino but just as a free play option and you are determined to finish as many games as possible, just keep on shuffling the cards until a few aces show up in the deck. The more Aces you got showing on the deal, the higher the chances are you will finish your game.

Aces Showing on the Deal Games Finished
0 7.2%, or 1 in 13.8 games
1 9.5%, or 1 in 10.5 games
2 12.72%, or 1 in 7.9 games
3 16.3%, or 1 in 6.1 games
4   21.6%, or 1 in 4.6 games

So basically when you have all 4 Aces in your opening deck, the odds of winning a game of 3 Card Solitaire are about 3 times bigger then when you have no aces in the opening deck.

3 Card Solitaire, Unlimited times around the deck.

This game setting for 3 Card Solitaire is identical as playing 7 Solitaire from Leander Games. The Tester came up with some surprisingly positive results for this game.

  • The Solitaire Tester has calculated that 17.8% or 1 in 5.6 games can be finished. That’s double the amount of finished games as opposed to the 3 Card Solitaire where you can only go through the stockpile 3 times.
  • The return to player is positive for this Solitaire setting, making it unsuitable as an online casino game. The RTP was a staggering 142.4%!

Funny enough the Spigo 7 Solitaire also showed a positive RTP when the game would be played optimal. This means there might be a chance to make some easy money on the Internet! At least it can be worth trying to see if the game play on 7 Solitaire is included in your bonus through play.

  • The other game statistics are similar as the Solitaire setting where you go three times around the deck, this isn’t really surprising as these are related to the opening hand, which is a random shuffle irrespective of the game settings. I think for today I will try and open an account at Danske Spiel to see if I can beat the casino with 7 Solitaire from Spigo J

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