Austrian sportsbetting giant Interwetten offers Patience is one of the first sportsbooks that went live back in 1997. It’s not a complete surprise the company started offering an online sportsbook as it started out by taking bets via telephone.

The brand is particularly well known among a German speaking audience. This is not really surprising as in the recent past the company sponsored football teams in Austria and Germany. In Germany the company sponsored VFB Stuttgart and in Austria it used to have a football club named after the website; SC

Interesting thing about Interwetten in combination with Patience is that Interwetten was one of the first online casino’s to start offering skill games to its customers. Back in 2006, Interwetten launched its skill games platform, which tested the aptitude of players. The outcome wasn’t just luck, it was a combination of skill / strategy and luck. Obviously there are people that think that playing casino patience is all about luck, I tend to disagree, and having a strategy will help you maximize the outcome of every game.

Interwetten has decided to place Casino Patience in the Table Game section of their online casino. They could have opted to place it in the Strategy games section as well, but as Patience used to a real money game in Las Vegas, it should be with the other casino Table games.