Betclic now offering Patience!

Betclic casino once called ‘Betclick’ casino is one of the largest sportsbooks in Europa. It holds license in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Portugal, Malta, and Portugal, to name a few jurisdictions where they are active.

We have never been too fond of the website as they offered only a very limited amount of games, upon till recently only 600. That’s good when you are mainly a sportsbook but when you also want to attract players to the casino vertical this has to be appealing.

Recently the management has realized this and more and more new games and different providers were added to their website.

Betclic stands out from other casino brands by working with a group of interesting brand ambassadors. Names such as Ruud Gullit, Marcel Desailly, Dan Petrescu, Karel Poborsky and Arrigo Sacchi all associate themselves with the betting giant. They wouldn’t risk their image if the site weren’t trustworthy.

387 thoughts on “Betclic now offering Patience!”

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