Betfirst to offer Patience!

Betfirst the website which is active in the Belgium market has recently started offering Patience to its players. After Unibet it’s now the second big operator in the Belgium market to offer Patience.

Patience is one of the most popular card games in Belgium and surely lots of players will be familiar with the game and try and complete a deck! Whether you sit in a train or wait for your airplane departure, its quite frequent that you see someone around you trying to finish a game of Patience on their iPad or iPhone.

Patience is really a one of kind Table game, its not the 20th version of Roulette or Black Jack, it’s a truly unique game that can complement a casino offering and serve a potentially large group of players.

In fact, the game of Solitaire is the most downloaded card game in the Belgian appstore.

337 thoughts on “Betfirst to offer Patience!”

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