How long does it take to finish a game of Patience or Solitaire?

What is the average time of playing a game of Patience or Solitaire?

Like with most things in life, the more you practice the better you get at something. We have already seen that land based casinos don’t offer Casino Patience or Casino Solitaire as a table game due to the fact that labor costs and the occupation of expensive square meters won’t work in combination with the limited number of games of Patience you can play. So exactly how limited is the number of games per hour, what can a land based casino expect, how many games of Casino Patience could you play in an hour?

For online casinos the costs factor of labor and of expensive SQM aren’t there, maybe that is why sometimes Casino Patience or 3 Card Solitaire is offered as a table game. Another great advantage online games in general have is that the number of concurrent players is virtually unlimited. Whereas in a land based casino once the table is fully occupied or a slot machine taken you might loose potential revenues for this game, online you do not have any capacity limitations.

During peak hours you are able to accommodate as many players as you can. However, this doesn’t mean that its in the interest of a casino to have a lot of players playing Casino Patience online, maybe they could earn more money if these players were to focus on Black Jack or Roulette.

Imagine a game of Casino Patience taking a player 5 minutes to complete, with the Return to Player being 93%, and the bet value being EUR 1. This means that just 12 games can be finished in an hour, and the average take by the casino is just 84 cent (12 x 7 cents). Any casino, land based or an online casino will probably make more money on any other game.

I did notice that some versions of Casino Patience do have a minimum wager of EUR 5,20 in place. Now that’s a bit unfriendly towards players as it’s a rather high amount for a single game, but the casino has to make money as well. It’s not that extraordinary to have a game on the casino floor or the table games section with a minimum of EUR 5 or even EUR 10, online casinos usually have a minimum bet of EUR 5 or EUR 10 when it comes to their Live Casino table games. The same goes for land based casino table games, there are strict minimum bets otherwise its not possible to make the operation viable.

At the website CasinoSolitaire they have limited each move to a maximum of 20 seconds, if you fail to place the card in that time, another card from the stockpile will automatically be turned. This puts a limit on the duration of a game, although you still need to turn at least 24 cards, meaning a game can last easily 8 minutes if played slowly. The Leander Game can take an infinite amount of time; the game will time out but you can just start again where you left off.

I have been looking at some forums online and I was shocked to see at which speed some players can finish a game of Solitaire! I noticed most of the players that hit the low times are really experienced at the game and they have practiced many, many times. They sort of memorize the moves, so there’s no time wasted in between moves. Think of it as typing words, at one point you go autopilot and you can produce words with unimaginable speed. The average person types between 38 and 40 words per minute, which equals more or less between 190 and 200 characters per minute, or 3 letters per second. Professional trained typist’s type a lot faster on average and can reach up to 65 to 75 words per minute. That seems incredible, but that kind of learning curve can also be achieved with playing Casino Patience or Casino Solitaire. The moving of the cards should go without thinking and your eyes and brains get trained to screens the stacks where to move cards.

Besides training it also takes a fast browser and mouse finger to reach good times. Also the fastest games are when you have the fewest cards up when the last card is exposed. Moving the cards from the column stacks into the foundation can sometimes take a long time, especially when you have to move stacks that still hold large numbers of cards. A game that has many short moves from the stockpile. It would be interesting if an online casino could organize a Casino Patience competition for finishing the fastest game.