Hero Gaming adds Patience to all of its brands

Hero Gaming the company behind casino brands Casino Heroes

Hero Gaming, the company behind casino brands Casino Heroes, SimpleCasino and SpeedyCasino recently launched Patience on all of its brands.

The websites are mainly targeting Scandinavian players and their brand Casino Heroes is well known for being a pioneer in gamification.

Casino Heroes offers a unique casino experience in an otherwise pretty much routine and standard environment whereby everything pretty much looks the same. The brand is particularly popular with a younger generation of players looking for a different experience.

The game Patience or Solitaire is played by old and young, it’s a timeless concept and therefore really suits any group of players. Patience seems to be especially a popular game in India where people like to play game that involve an element of skill rather then just luck.

In order to complete a game of Patience, having skill is crucial, in theory it’s possible to complete 1 in 22 games. It makes Patience the perfect Tournament Game, who can manage to complete most games. Patience or Solitaire is a perfect match for a casino focusing on gamification and rewarding players for achievements!