Patience, the magic medicine!

It might sound strange and awkward to a lot people but playing Patience can actually improve you brain health. The thing about Patience is that it keeps your brain busy, so you have mental activity whilst relaxing. With Patience nowadays often available in HTML5 meaning you can play it on your mobile device wherever you want, it’s very convenient to play a game just before sleeping or even on the toilet! Playing Patience is actually a form of exercise for the brain and it might even reduce the risks of Alzheimer. Living a mentally active life is as important as regular physical exercise. A game like Patience can be relaxing and ease emotional distress.

Even for young children playing Patience can have some advantages. You can play it alone so you don’t need to convince a friend to join you. (Although social interaction amongst peers is off course better) You don’t really have a winner or a looser unless you actually start talking to the computer or the cards. You can play it pretty much whenever and wherever you want to; all you need is a deck of cards, a smartphone, tables or PC. The only thing that is annoying whilst playing Patience is that you never know whether the unfinished games you are playing could have actually been solved. It’s very hard to judge ‘how good you are’ as

Does playing Patience make you smarter?

Well it sure can’t turn you into Albert Einstein, however evidence suggests Patience can help sharpen your thinking. The downside is that it’s most likely only going to improve your Patience skills. For example practicing crossword puzzles every day for a year will train your brain to recall words more quickly and solve these puzzles faster, however it won’t improve your foreign language skills. Unfortunately, research also shows that once you stop practicing crosswords each day, your brain may lose any of the skills it gained.

I’m pretty sure your boss won’t like the idea of you playing Patience at work everyday just so you don’t loose your recently acquired skills.

However there are significant employer advantages! Your employer probably doesn’t realize that brain-training games such as Patience could have a longer lasting impact on your cognitive skills, helping to prevent you from a job burnout or even keeping seniors mentally sharp.

By the way, the true purpose of Microsoft has never been to make its users more intelligent. The Solitaire game was to familiarize a generation of computer users with a mouse and teach them how to drag and drop.

I’m not saying we should all start playing endless sessions of Patience, or even Casino Patience but every now and then wouldn’t be a bad thing.

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