Unibet offers real money Patience

Unibet one the most well known gambling sites in Europe has launched a real money version of Patience. In the UK players might know this is Vegas Solitaire. The idea of real money Patience is very similar to that of Vegas Solitaire, for each card you play in one of the stockpiles you get a return. In the case of Casino Patience, you can earn as much as 5x your wager if you complete the game.

Unibet is marketleader in the Netherlands and Belgium, these are countries that have loads of people playing Patience. In fact in both of these countries Patience is the most downloaded card game in the appstore. We also noticed that other popular casino brands such as Oranje Casino and Kroon Casino have this game on offer. The range in which you wager money on the game is from EUR 0,52 to EUR 260, making the game suitable for high rollers and leisure players.